How to repair Avast – TOP 10 mistakes

Sometimes antiviruses run erroneously and they delete completely secure files. It is a pity if remote or insignificant content turns out to be remote, but what if the antivirus deleted an important document or system file? Let’s find out what to do if Avast deleted a file and how to make an Avast repair, as well as 10 mistakes on how to repair it.

How to repair Avast

Navigate in settings Free AvastDid you find that your license is expiring? Do not worry. This is something very normal. Although it’s completely free, the basic version of Avast provides a license that needs to be renewed year after year (to be exact, every 365 days).

In the latest versions of Avast, the process of initial activation and renewal of the license is automatic. Therefore, you usually do not need to do anything to continue using the program for free. However, in some special cases, automatic updates may not occur, forcing the user to act manually. The operation, however, is very simple, completely free, and can be repeated indefinitely.

At this point, check the information in the Program field. There you will find the version of Avast Free installed on your PC. To find out if it is the latest available and, if necessary, update it, click the update button. Then expand the settings menu (in the program) and check the Automatic update item so that the antivirus is updated automatically without your intervention.

All you need to do to update Avast Free is to open the program using its icon on the desktop or in the Windows notification area. Then click the menu button in the upper right corner and select Personal Licenses from the menu that appears on the screen.

10 the most common mistakes

The application menu consists of eight tab groups (Status, Scan, Tools, Store, My Devices, Help, Statistics, Settings). To see detailed information about the contents of a tab, click on its name. By default, the Status tab is open, which provides general information about the current protection and allows you to run a scan of your computer. However, not everyone can follow those steps, that is why common mistakes occur:

  1. Ignoring the warning about the full operation of the antivirus threatens something, an icon will appear in the notification area. The Status tab will also signal security issues.
  2. Troubleshooting to normalize the antivirus.
  3. The Tools tab menu contains additional options to increase the security of your computer.
  4. Antivirus does not work due to disabling of protective screens.
  5. Protection is absent due to exposure to viruses (unfortunately, this also happens).
  6. The program does not start after upgrading to the current version.
  7. The user interface is not available.
  8. Antivirus does not work after installing system updates.
  9. If you do not format the disk, and not much time has passed since the removal, you can use a quick scan. Otherwise, choose full.
  10. Forgetting to manually add this file to the antivirus exception, otherwise, there is a high probability of its re-removal.